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it's all about Repute!!

Buletz systems is a body corporate registered in Nigeria to carry on amongst other things ; information and communication technology businesses such as : sales of phones, sales of laptops, Networking and programming, sales of accessories ,sales and installation of CCTV and general electrical and electronic appliances . Our memory cards and flash drive chip set is built to secure files almost infinitively. The company has evolved to become the leading household name in, not only on quality-product assurance but in quality service delivery. This has won the company the confidence of teaming patrons in and outside the country. It is a leading organized communication company in NIGERIA and currently making waves into the hinterland of the Other African countries . In addition, the company prides in the best after sales services handled by Buletz ict clinic ( Buletz care) which is established to ensure expeditious resolution of warranty and out of warranty cases. The services rendered in the clinic is ‘nulli secondum’, at Buletz systems, if it has to be done, it must be done properly as it is nothing but, “all about repute”

Our vision – to make the host nation, a production center for information and communication technology hub for the global nations.

Our Mission – Buletz systems limited is a Nigerian communication giant built on quadruple pillars of ensuring that customers do not only part with values but wear the crown, investors’ shares remain afloat, employee’s enhanced value experience and local content policy adoption to broaden the nation’s economic exponential growth.

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